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注1:电话搜索,电话格式为 86-网络号或不含零的区号-号码前四位-号码剩下的三或四位,至少有一个“-”,其他不必全部输入完,例如:86-130-1234-5678、86-21-1234-5678、86-139-1234、1234-5678等等。


Note 1: search by telephone, please enter the phone number directly, at least one "-" should be included ,and you do not need to input all the other information, such as :86-130-1234-5678 ,86-21-1234-5678 ,86-139 - 1234,1234-5678 and so on.

Note 2: Search by introduction, the keywords can be member's name or words, sentence in the introduction.
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